Francois Du Bois

Francois Du Bois-French marimbist,composer and inventor of the Dubois Method.

François Du Bois

The encounter with music pushed me to embark to the great ocean of life, full of adventures. I have played the piano, percussions and finally, my life partner became the marimba. Music has always accompanied me and took me even to Japan, where I met students that I taught the musical composition, then gradually began to share my experience of life management. This resulted in the creation of the official class inside the university that I taught at that time, and finally the opening of my proper institution, the Dubois Method School, where you can learn the method based on my professional and personal life experience. Then following to a long stay in China, where I improved my Chinese martial arts, I realized that the vision of these artists has so much similarity in the actual life. This fact also influenced deeply my teaching methodology since then. All these elements form the Dubois Method, and I am happy to be able to introduce you today.