Francois Du Bois

Francois Du Bois-French marimbist,composer and inventor of the Dubois Method.

Career Design

From my perspective, life is meaningless for us if we don’t try to seek the sense and understand what is happening, so that we orient it to the best. I have made so many mistakes in my life, so I wanted to understand how it works.

Life and its path, in which I include the word “career” (in the broader sense in terms of “way”), is a series of events connected to our feelings which influence our personalities and reactions.

In my professional life as marimba soloist, I have known serious moments of panic, due to my complexes combined with profound traumas. By facing them straight and coping with them, I could find ways to get out from certain difficult situations, and make the most of them and keep moving forward.

We are often locked up in our attitudes, and it can be very hard to adopt new ones, even though it might help us to explore a broader variety of possibilities that we already possess deep inside ourselves, so that we become more efficient in our actions and at the moment of taking decisions.

I did not succeed by myself to overcome all these confrontations, I have been helped on my way. It is now my turn to be useful to others and encourage them to open their own new ways.